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Updated: Sep 2, 2021

When I first started my Blog the objective was to highlight "Before and After Projects", our house renovation journey and inspirational kitchen and bath projects from the local neighborhood. My objective has not changed - it has only evolved to a higher level. I have since accepted much needed advice from my 16 year old daughter Carmel to help communicate our vision to you via our Blog. I admit that if not for Carmel I would not have known how to use Facebook and Instagram to get the message out!

Our house renovation is almost there! I say 'almost there' because it is work in progress. After much planning, demolition and rebuilding from the foundation our house bears little resemblance of what it was 3 years ago. I am very happy with the results and eager to share with you where we are today. Please stay tune for the "Before and After" category of this Blog.

For this post I decided to reintroduce "Kitchen + table" an online bridal registry I created in 2017 to offer must-haves for newlyweds. Our Blog will be renamed Kitchen + table to focus on kitchen appliances offered by Luna's Appliances + kitchenware. The appliances are to be tested by our kitchen team to determine if the appliance stand up to its brand name. We have since tested the SMEG Stand Mixer to prepare homemade pasta and ice cream. Our next post will publish the verdict.

Our international suppliers of kitchen appliances, Middleby Corporation and

La Cuisine International keep us abreast of discontinued models of high quality kitchen appliances, and when possible we purchase limited quantities to offer to the local market at incredibly affordable prices. In August we will be offering Liebherr refrigerators and freezers, Azure wine coolers and undercounter refrigerators. Please stay tune for updates on our Facebook and Instagram page.

An interesting development from our workshop ties in nicely with our Kitchen + table brand. For years the scrap wood from our projects have been discarded or left in heaps in the backyard. This 'goldmine' will be turned into useful kitchen products made by Generation Z of Luna's Fine Cabinetry. They have been researching the internet for ideas as to how best to repurpose scrap walnut, sapele, oak and ash into useful products for the home. I am sure they will create products to confirm our mission ... "offering the Best Value at Home". Again, stay tune to our Facebook and Instagram page.

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