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in the backyard

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

In my grand aunt’s back yard stands the guava tree. Some months prior to my personal experience with the guava tree I recall my mother bringing home bags of juicy guavas from my grand aunt’s guava tree. I can still smell the perfumed aroma of guavas in the air. Not knowing what to do with so many guavas my mother decided to freeze them for a later date. The later date is here as I have discovered the many ways to use native guavas. My most favorite is guava ice-cream!

With the help of my SMEG Ice Cream Maker I am able to make at home delicious, healthy ice-cream for my family and friends!

Call me, Carmel at Luna's Fine Cabinetry 393-7036 for delicious ice cream samples!

Kitchen + table, a Luna's Fine Cabinetry brand is the exclusive dealer of SMEG kitchen appliances. One year warranty on parts and service.

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